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An innovative writing guide that will be hugely valuable to writers  Scottish Book Trust


Medicine for writers. 5*  Jules Horne


52 Dates For Writers by Claire Wingfield is a must-have guide for writers and it is fun to boot!  Books of All Kinds Book Blog 


The genius of this apparently simple book is that it gives you the perfect excuse to leave your desk and have some fun, whilst still feeling like you’re being productive and working on your book.  Kamsin Kaneko 


Wingfield gives you an amazing range of things to do and try, as well as ways to approach your writing that go above and beyond the usual advice dished out in books about writing.


If you’re a new writer looking for new ways to find ideas, or an experienced writer wanting a new way to approach your storytelling, you’ll find a lot of value in this book!  Icy Sedgwick


Started with Date 17/52 and this seems to be really helping me make some radical changes in my narrative. Having fun and feeling freed up! – Mairi Sutherland



52 Dates for Writers

  • A Note From The Author

    "52 Dates for Writers brings together all that I have learnt in my work as an editor and writing consultant. My starting point was the common trouble spots I saw writers stumbling over. I wanted to find a way of helping writers avoid these pitfalls whilst enjoying the process, and so I came up with a series of writing dates to reinvigorate a novel draft."


    Claire Wingfield

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