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Can you leave the past in another country?


Francesca Maier knows little of her father’s home country or her parents’ life together before she was born. A summer in Berlin brings the past – and its secrets – alive. Adrift in a foreign city, she finds an unexpected friend in east Berliner Antonio – but what will he sacrifice to save her?


Saving Francesca Maier probes the secrets every family hides and the decisions we make in a volatile world.


‘Just gorgeous. Captures fraught relationships with subtlety and wisdom.’ Julia Gray

‘Moving and beautifully written…explores the complex ties of family and friendship with insight and compassion.’ Tracey Emerson

Saving Francesca Maier

  • A Note from the Author


    “Set in Berlin, Saving Francesca Maier is the first in my This City series. I’m currently working on book 2, which sees Antonio’s sister Ingrid come to Edinburgh as an au pair, becoming embroiled in the secrets of the family she works for and caught up in their outrageous demands of her. The family is connected to Francesca’s mother Imogen, so we’ll also see how the rest of Francesca’s story unravels.”


    Claire Wingfield

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