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'This magical book is a testament to the healing powers of imagination. Joanna Paterson reveals in The Old Turk and Other Tales that the mind has great resilience. Mingling figures of folklore with the winds of nature, The Old Turk reclaims adventure for those the world might label too lame or too old. Bold and colourful illustrations by the author make this book a visual pleasure. Experimental, fearless and full of fun, this collection of short stories is a revelation and delight for readers of any age.' Charlotte Zoe Walker, author of Condor and Hummingbird. 


Joanna Paterson was struck down by a stroke in 2012. Her mental and emotional capacities were little affected, but her whole right side was now lame. Previously she had published two books of poetry as well as medical insights. From the same belief in the transmutation of the land we live in comes The Old Turk and Other Tales.


This is a hardback edition of short stories and illustration by Joanna Paterson, with typesetting by the Scottish poet Gerry Cambridge.


The Old Turk and Other Tales

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