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What is truth?  This question was put by Pontius Pilate to Jesus (St John, 18:38) and answer came there none. Thus, throughout history there have been those who have grappled with this question. Sometimes wise, sometimes fallacious and for however brief a moment, their ideas have illuminated the path to understanding. Mankind owes much to those who have lived in pursuit of truth.


Born in 1926, Mark Hichens is a biographer, historian and retired teacher. His works include: Oscar Wilde’s Last Chance: The Dreyfus Connection (‘Hichens’s narrative is fresh. He writes with clarity, pace, wisdom and wry humour’ the Spectator), Prime Ministers’ Wives (‘Well written and well researched’ Sunday Telegraph) and Abdication: The Rise and Fall of Edward VIII.

The Pursuit of Truth (Paperback)

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